Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

My advice to liberal activists is simple: enjoy today. Our recent past under President George W. Bush was tragic, criminal and shameful. The years ahead will be challenging and tough. At times pragmatic political expediency inside the Obama administration will clash with our convictions. Creative tension is inevitable and necessary to advance the cause of peace, prosperity and social justice. Americans are embarking on long-term project of rebuilding our house after putting out an eight-year fire. How we rebuild that house can and will be debated intensely.

For me however, today simply means drawing strength from a refreshing sense of hope and renewal. An intelligent, capable and decent human being becomes president today. That is no small thing after eight long years of George W. Bush’s insipid reign of indecency and incompetence. I busted my ass to help make it happen. So did many of you. I intend to fully enjoy the moment and hope you will too.


Thunter said...

Since I can't afford to be in D.C today, I will be home watching on the TV, but I will enjoy this historical day!

ross_horowitz said...

Keep hope alive!

Connecticut Man1 said...

I agree. Kick back and relax for an itsy-bit. But... We have yet begun to fight. The real work starts NOW.

macdee said...

What a bunch of self-righteous, hypocritical, self-absorbed, obtuse, liberal loons that congregate on this blog site. The author being at the top of the list. Get over it already! George W. Bush was a decent man who dealt with the problems that landed on the U.S. and his doorstep, just like every other president throughout history has done, and he did an excellent job dealing with issue #1 for 90% of his presidency -- terrorism. The economy didn't start tanking until his last year in office, so he really didn't have enough time to deal with this. However, as best I can recall, U.S. interests have not been attacked in our home land or abroad since 9/11. After all of the increasingly violent and emboldened attacks that were happening more and more rapidly under our 1st black president, Bill Clinton, it is really an amazing feat, and I am thankful for his courage to make the difficult and unpopular decisions that he did. George W. Bush's willingness to do so has ensured that morons like those on this blog can continue to have the freedom to make these idotic and hate-filled, uninformed accusations.

DB said...

Liberals are "self-righteous, hypocritical, self-absorbed, obtuse,"...and conservatives like you aren't??

Fyi, US interests have indeed been attacked since 9/11. US Embassies have been attacked and US citizens have been targeted in various forms since 9/11. Just because the US proper hasn't been attacked doesn't mean Bush's policies made the world a safer place for those of us serving our country overseas.

Regarding the economy, you claim "he didn't have enough time to deal with this"...why should he wait until a crisis happens to deal with a problem that has been brewing for nearly a decade? He decided to have a "premptive" approach to US security, yet failed to take a premptive approach to domestic affairs. Don't call others self-righteous and act the same way. That is hypocrisy.