Monday, January 05, 2009

Panetta Good, Feinstein Bad

Too tired after a long day to express any complex or nuanced thoughts. So, I'll simply write that California Senator Diane Feinstein has zero credibility. Her pathetic oversight performance of intelligence "insiders" during George W. Bush's presidency while serving on the Senate Intelligence Committee merits no respect. Hence, I am encouraged by Feinstein's opposition to an intelligence outsider such as Leon Panetta being nominated as the next Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. If a figure so lacking in foresight and judgment such as Senator Feinstein is opposed to Panetta's nomination then it must be a good idea.

The culture within the CIA does not deserve to be rewarded with one of their own like George Tenet. Sadly, Feinstein has demonstrated a grotesque predisposition to favor the very intelligence insiders that have undermined America's moral authority as well as damaged our national security. Panetta possesses just the sort of impeccable management credentials needed to facilitate a culture of accountability and competence at the CIA. And accountability and competence are long overdue.

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