Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bush Was Right

I agree with one segment of George W. Bush's Farewell Address:
"But good and evil are present in this world and between the two, there can be no compromise. Murdering the innocent to advance an ideology is wrong every time, everywhere.

Freeing people from oppression and despair is eternally right. This nation must continue to speak out for justice and truth. We must always be willing to act in their defense and to advance the cause of peace."
It is for the very reasons President Bush articulated in those five sentences, that I and other liberal activists opposed his administration, his party and his reign of indecency. In opposing Bush, we challenged a predatory ideology that perverted our nation's highest ideals to justify empire, sadism, corporatism, theocracy and needless war. I regret that our activism failed to prevent the crimes committed in my country's name. George W. Bush leaves behind a legacy of darkness, destitution and death.

4 comments: said...

a 100,000 calls to GOP contributor GE could have stopped that madness back in 2002, but no the opponents of the war marched on Washington year after year and got nothing significant done. When 100,000 or more liberals wake up and join together and tell a GOP contributor that we want something done or you lose our business, the Republiklan party will remain powerless to stop us.

upinVermont said...

Did you read Krugman's editorial today? I have to agree with him. Bush, Cheney & many, many surrounding them may have, and probably did, break the law. Obama's statement that we shouldn't look backward is absurd. If no one ever looked backward there would be no criminal justice system.

thepoetryman said...

There are significant reasons the US is viewed as the number one terrorist in much of the world. Bush needs to leave in shame for what he and his cohorts have perpetrated upon the world. It will take some time to regain our footing and I for one will be pushing her until she complies.

Excellent point! said...

Well then poetrymanstand up and go to and make those calls, then twice a week get others to make those calls and get others to recruit others to get others to make those calls twice a week. If you merely make those calls and do nothing else then this movement will not accomplish the goals listed at