Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Video Speaks For Itself

As a Jewish American New Yorker I am appalled by many of the comments seen on this video. I am every bit as appalled as I was at the ignorant racist comments made against Barack Obama during the presidential campaign. The sheer disregard these people have for the Palestinian casualties in Gaza is repugnant. There is an old cliche that if one is not careful they're at risk of resembling their enemies. Some of the people seen in this video express the same sort of hateful diatribes uttered by "Islamic terrorists." I have no adequate words to express my anger and sorrow.

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upinVermont said...

Initially I was sympathetic with Israel's military operation. But this has gone too far. The events of these days reveal a callous disregard for the civilian population. Using phosphorous, not to mention other weaponry, in an area like Gaza is a war crime. It's disgusting.

Yes, Hamas is a terrorist organization. Yes, Hamas provoked the Israelis and *wanted* this confrontation, but the Israelis have shown little to no restraint. They've become the terrorists they reviled.