Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama's First Weekly Presidential Address

I've said it before, President Obama is utilizing the web as a means for twenty-first century fireside chats as with this address about his proposed economic recovery plan.

Click here to review a four page bullet summary provided by the White House about the plan. It's reminiscent of the PDF summaries from his campaign website. Once the economic recovery plan is passed, the Obama Administration promises to illustrate how the money is being spent at this website.

As we can see, the rubber is starting to hit the road with respect to the policy debate about the economy. I appreciate President Obama's efforts at transparency. Nonetheless, we liberals must remain vigilant in defense of middle/lower income wage earners and small business entrepreneurs as more details are revealed.

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Saskboy said...

Like any new vlogger, or political blogger, I don't expect Obama's to last very long. A couple years at the most.