Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pelosi Ascends

Among the get out the vote efforts I volunteered for during the 2004 presidential campaign was Women Voices Women Vote. The project was designed to register single women because this demographic is more politically sympathetic to Democrats but hadn’t previously voted in high numbers. I tweaked the script when calling because it made a plea for women to support “our issues” at the polls and I’m a male. One of the first calls I made that campaign on behalf of this project was to a woman in Pennsylvania who told me she had no interest in voting because “in my religion women are not equal to men.” While I haven’t always been enamored with Speaker Pelosi that is the sort of mindset I hope her ascension will reverse.


liberal journal man said...

in my religion, pigs can fly

upinVermont said...

in my religion, flying pigs are a delicacy