Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Insipid Joe Klein

Joe Klein is an insipid and dangerous man. In the spring this bastion of mainstream moderation said on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopolous (CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO) America should not rule out using tactical nuclear weapons in Iran. Recently, Klein joined the blogosphere and excoriated lefty bloggers for their “naiveté” about national security.

Klein claimed to be a credible critic of the left because he wrote an article in Slate in 2002 opposing the war and he proudly embedded a link to the article. At the time of Klein’s original posting the link was broken. It has since been repaired (CLICK HERE) and upon reviewing it I don’t read “opposition” from Klein. He does praise Al Gore for making a stand and raises important questions not being asked by Democrats or Republicans at the time. Well, that’s nice and I give him credit for doing that much.

However, the proprietor of Booman Tribune brilliantly refuted Klein and exposed him as a liar with a post entitled, ”An Open Letter To Joe Klein.” I wish I wrote it as Booman illustrates how Klein also made statements agreeing with Bush’s war. I suppose he was against it before he was for it.

What really irks me is this sanctimonious attitude from so called moderate pundits such as Joe Klein or politicians like Joe Lieberman who have a track record of being horribly wrong. They claim critics in the blogosphere want America to fail. Respectfully, we made a stand because we’re patriots. It’s called dissent.

We believed four years ago the war was strategically stupid and immoral. It’s quite apparent we were right. Yet these very same people who were wrong about the war four years ago will accuse critics of being “naïve” or wanting America to fail because we oppose Bush’s so called surge. And they represent the voices of moderation while the liberal bloggers are the kooks?

More young kids are going to die so Bush/Cheney can hand off Iraq to a successor and not have defeat on “their watch.” That is morally reprehensible and the Joe Kleins of the world are enablers for criminal behavior. Is that patriotism Mr. Klein? Perhaps you deserve the benefit of the doubt and should simply be considered naïve.


ross_horowitz said...

I would call Joe Klein a moron, but your label of insipid is much more precise.

I heard a radio interview where he justified the war based on the 9 people from his town who died on September 11. How many more people has America been responsible for killing since then and when will it be enough? And what do Iraqi dead have to do with 9/11 anyway?

Destructive people in the media like Joe Klein who have a veneer of respectability should be called out more often.

Good job.

Anonymous said...

I agree!