Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Night Hit & Run Thoughts

  • Listening to Republicans sanctimoniously whine about “bipartisanship” is both humorous and grating. Their socio-economic philosophy is completely discredited yet they cry foul because Democrats have no enthusiasm for adopting their stale “ideas” which has the world on the brink of total catastrophe. If Democrats were to make policy changes based upon the world being round, Republicans would whine about being excluded for believing the world is flat. Bipartisanship is not possible when people who belong in a lunatic asylum lead the opposition party.
  • My visceral sense is that the stimulus debate was a seminal moment for President Obama. It’s a political victory, yet at the same time insufficient for what the country needs because he failed to define the terms of debate and bargained away too much at the onset of negotiations (read this post). If I read Obama correctly, he knows this as well and won’t be such an easy mark going forward. Obama's nominee for Health and Human Services may be a bellwether of his administration's direction. If it’s Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen, I’ll feel betrayed unless that appointment is coupled with a healthcare legislation czar determined to bargain hard with the HMOs. My preference is Howard Dean but that’s probably not going to happen because Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel hates him and Republicans hate truth tellers.
  • Nationalization of the banks is coming and President Obama knows it. First though will be the obligatory kabuki dance of Treasury Secretary Geithner’s “plan.” I suspect Geithner’s troubling and vague performance is partly attributed to the administration’s belief that citizens learning more truth about the insolvency of our banks would result in massive withdrawals. Speaking of truth, tomorrow night I plan to watch a PBS Frontline special about America's economic day of infamy: September 18th, 2008.
  • It will be interesting to contrast the rollout of Obama’s plan to stabilize housing with last week’s Geithner plan. The word is the administration will reveal far more details. More details with a housing plan is likely to generate confidence and hope. Whereas, as I referenced in the previous bullet point, with the Geithner plan, the powers that be are convinced confidence is best served by not revealing the complete truth.


Anonymous said...

In a recent trip through Texas and saw a lot of wealth and people driving BMW’s across newly paved roads. New projects covered almost every square inch of the state, except for El Paso, which voted democrat and looks like an ashtray because it was “punished.”
This economic sword cuts “two ways.”
America is in a bad way, because of over-inflated gas prices but Texas is doing GREAT! George W. Bush and LBJ are the two WORST American presidents in our history. Both TEXAS MANIACS started wars bankrupting our nation, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Americans and both came from the B.S. state of TEXAS.
Someone has to pay for this betrayal of America.
Let’s start the TEXAS WAR BOYCOTT.
1) Rejecting all business and vacation travel “through” or “to” the state of Texas.
2) BOYCOTT or REJECT all Texas products & services like Exxon/MOBIL, ALL Frito-Lay Products, Doritos, Southwest Airlines, Dr. Pepper, Lone Star Beer, DELL computers, Continental, Express Jet and American Airlines, the Dallas Cowboys, Apache Computer software, Hewlett-Packard, FMC, Perot Systems, Chili’s, Maggiano’s, Romano’s, Centex Homes, Dallas Mavericks, J.C. Penney, Kimberly-Clark, Pilgrim’s Pride, SBC, Stewart Title Guaranty Co., Texas Instruments, SYSCO, Texaco and CONOCO Phillips - until these companies and organizations leave the state of Texas.
3) Post in your home or business a computer print-out sign that says,
“GOD-DAMNED Texas Redneck Trailer-Trash Christian Fundamentalist are
Every square inch of Texas roads have been repaved and infrastructural building within the state is exploding from inflated gas prices that fattened up the most ignorant section of America. These Texas people LOVE George W. Bush. Help make Texas “FEEL THE PAIN!”
Also, Karl Rove, Tom Delay & other Texas Republicans, used PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE- through FEAR & INTIMIDATION – AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Here is the “BLOW BACK” for these tactics! Give TEXAS a taste of its own medicine shoving its garbage politicians with its stupid hats, boots, buckles, & B.S. bravado, right “up” all Texas throats!

Anonymous said...

I am torn on this. I really want my country to suceed. I'm torn because I would love for Obama to pass every liberal/socialist plan on his agenda. I know this would destroy the country but by the same token I would never have to here this liberal vomit spewed forth again. Once the country has a chance to learn what the rest of the world has already learned (socialism does not work) we would be rid of democrats for good. My morals prohibit me from advocating such a path but my irrational angry side would sure love to see an end to liberal ideology.

upinVermont said...

//Once the country has a chance to learn what the rest of the world has already learned (socialism does not work) we would be rid of democrats for good.//

What the rest of the world has already learned?

That must be why Canadians are desperately trying to trade their socialist health care for ours. Right? I mean, they're just pouring over our borders to buy our cheap drugs and buy into our cheap health insurance? Right?

That must be why every modern industrialized nation, expect for the United States, has socialized healthcare.

That must be why the Germans are just itching to give up their socialist educational system. They are just pouring into our colleges and universities aren't they?

But why look elsewhere?

I bet you didn't know that every Republican Senator & House Member is getting socialized government health care and automatic annual pay raises.

It's good to be Republican...

Oh... wait.. you mean you're not getting those perks?

Sue said...