Friday, February 06, 2009

It's About Time

President Obama has finally taken the gloves off in defense of his economic stimulus plan. Below, is a report from the Today show covering his speech to the Democratic House caucus this morning. Perhaps the President is learning that he can't simply function within a "post partisan" ivory tower. There is no love in politics. Only leverage, respect and fear. The great ones can slug it out yet appear above the fray with a fist in the velvet glove. We often saw that from Obama during the campaign and we did again this morning.

Nonetheless, he should be fighting for something far bolder. Instead of pairing down aid to states and spending we should be eliminating tax cuts and investing more. Sad to say the body politic is resistant to doing anything more. To use a sports analogy, Obama is "taking what the defense gives him." In my opinion, Obama should unleash an all out blitz and create turnovers. It's only our civilization at stake.

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DB said...

This stimulus is going to come down to whoever wins the PR war. The Dems so far have been getting their butts kicked, so it was really nice to see Obama swinging. I am curious how the next few days of his PR campaign are going to go!