Thursday, March 05, 2009

Overhaul Healthcare Now!

This week, a close relative of mine had surgery. Hence, the escalating costs are very much on my mind today as well as the quality and access to medical care. She has health insurance but as we all know, insurance today costs more and covers less. Simply securing a room for her was ridiculously expensive.

President Obama is organizing a healthcare summit. Curious that even as our economy is suffering from a deflationary spiral, the cost of healthcare continues to spiral out of control. If our political system fails yet again to eliminate healthcare's chronic hyperinflation, most Americans are at risk of debtor's hell. Ultimately, the villains is America's "medical industrial complex" as Vice President Biden's chief economist, Jared Bernstein puts it.

We have appeased these predators for too long. The medical industrial complex is an evil empire that once and for all needs to be conquered on behalf of wage earners and small business owners. With respect to everyday living, the escalating cost of healthcare represents far more than an "existential threat" as we typically describe Iran's nuclear ambitions and imperils our national security to a much larger extent than the Taliban.

No more excuses, no more compromises and no more delays.


MSTXN said...

Plan for US medical insurance/health care;

The insurance companies will bid on health care insurance on each county in the US.

For example:

A county in Mississippi has approximately 44,000 population. What are we bid for coverage?
After the insurance companies have placed their bids the stimulus package would pay for the coverage of these citizens for 1 year. At the end of that time, the premiums will be offered to the citizens by family groups or individuals. The premiums can not exceed the initial stimulus payments per person.


Group health insurance could be available in this way. Small business owners could form a group to insure their employees.
Sort of like a “small business union”…..same thing for cosmetologists, part-time employees could have a group. Of course they would pay premiums but the citizens of this country would be able to have and afford health care. “Green card people” could also have an insurance group.

Anonymous said...

The problem from my perspective is this: any substantive retooling of the health care industry will necessarily involve changes so fundamental that the United States of America as it has been configured since the implementation of the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 will simply cease to exist. One could envision a switchover to an essentially European-style system. But are the entrenched interests going to allow that? Those that make reform impossible make revolution inevitable.