Friday, March 13, 2009

Jim Cramer Belongs In Jail

How many of you watched Jon Stewart's showdown with CNBC financial guru Jim Cramer? This video clip is exhibit A of why the Wall Street economy has ruined our country. The foundation of a healthy economy and democracy is truth and transparency. Instead, we have a sickly empire financed with phony money and the edifice is crumbling. It cannot be repaired. To suggest otherwise is delusional and criminally insane.

Alas, constructing a new socio-economic paradigmn is not like making instant coffee. The task ahead requires urgency, patience and trial and error. One absolute however is accountability for criminal behavior. Hence, we should all email the SEC ( and and demand an investigation of Jim Cramer. People like him have helped disintegrate the life savings of millions of people.

Change starts with justice.


whiskeydrinkersucks said...

Unfortunately, the video is "no longer available."

I understand why a lot of people might be mad if they followed Cramer's advice and lost a lot of money. But he is a guy on TV who gives his opinion about stocks, just like tens of thousands of other people do around the country. Why is that illegal?

Then again, maybe something was in that video... can you elaborate what was in there?

Robert Ellman said...

The Stewart video show clips from 2006 in which Cramer admitted to the games he played as a hedge fund manager.