Thursday, December 25, 2008

Give Peace A Chance

I've been thinking about my favorite Beatle John Lennon this holiday season. Lennon was an international statesmen dedicated to the cause of world peace. All of us our focused on the economy and the squeeze we're currently feeling. Yet much of what is truly wrong in this world as Lennon himself observed is that too many leaders are insane. Hence, Lennon believed we had to "think locally and act globally" to advance the cause of peace and justice despite the homicidal maniacs in power. Naturally, homicidal rulers depict anyone who promotes peace as "dangerous" as was done with John Lennon whom President Nixon hoped to deport.

Alas, it has been over twenty eight years since Lennon was assassinated and too many lives, resources and talent remain consumed by humanity's war machine. Terrorists, religious fundamentalists and greedy corporatists have a death grip on our world and refuse to let go. Most people however prefer to live in peace and Lennon wanted to empower humanity to save itself.

Hat tip to Diane G over at the Wild Wild Left for finding this YouTube video of Lennon promoting the cause of peace.

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