Friday, September 19, 2008

This Man Is Presidential

2008 is reminiscent of 1932 and the next president will have to demonstrate FDR caliber leadership. None of us can be certain Obama has what it takes during these perilous times. Yet this press conference illustrates that Obama is knowledgeable, thoughtful and measured even as he articulates his thinking about the complex issues with respect to the crisis in the capital markets. In short, he's presidential and McCain isn't. McCain possesses neither the wisdom or disposition required in a president. If Americans elect McCain over Obama they will be committing a crime against rationality.

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Nelson M. said...

"a crime against rationality"

Actually we'd be repeat offenders after 2000 and 2004.

A recent exchange with a close relative of mine which I mentioned on my blog really cemented the depth of their hatred of rationality to me. My relative's response was, effectively, that their vision of America preemptively superceded any facts that I could present.

This is a beast that will not be slayed easily.