Sunday, July 13, 2008

Truth and Consequences

As this presidential campaign unfolds there are three truths being neglected by Obama and McCain, the corporate media and the entire political class:
  • America no longer has the leverage, infrastructure and intellectual heft to maintain a corporate empire through military and economic power.
  • Unless there is accountability for the Bush Administration’s war crimes committed since 9/11 America is in grave danger.
  • Our society has insufficient institutions to safeguard the livelihoods of wage earners in a 21st century global economy.
The silence on these truths is deafening. As Frank Rich noted in today’s New York Times, the Bush Administration’s torture regime has actually facilitated the resurgence of al Quaeda. But Rich is only one truth teller within the decrepit corporate media establishment and he’s pissing in the wind. Meanwhile, in a post cold war world other countries don’t automatically rally to our banner. And in a post 9/11 world we’ve managed to alienate the civilized world while emboldening our enemies.

Our financial and banking system has become a brutal hockey game without impartial referees. McCain and Obama are debating whether to target tax cuts for the rich or the elusive middle class when we really need an entirely new socio-economic model. Christ, does McCain really believe that a balanced budget and holy jihad against pork barrel spending can be an elixir for the mess we’re in? And how does Obama really hope to assuage what ails America by violating the constitution and expanding Bush’s faith based initiatives?

Neither McCain nor Obama are addressing these realities because our culture doesn’t embrace truth. 2008 is 1932 on steroids. But Americans just want to elect somebody who will promise to let them party like it’s 1999. Do enough Americans get it? Do enough Americans want to get it? Ultimately, Obama and McCain are a reflection of us.


Nelson M. said...

"Ultimately, Obama and McCain are a reflection of us"

Absolutely. Or more precisely, a reflection of the ten states or so that will decide the presidential election like Ohio, Missouri, Virginia. States where faith based initiatives sound better than defending FISA.

Having conversed with the people I have met and talked to over the past couple of years, no, I think we have to con voters by giving them what they think they want. As horribly cynical as that is. But we have to keep the entire ship from sinking.

thepoetryman said...

It may be true that those states are the muscle, but according to my feelers this election will be a route. The Republicans will lose seats they hadn't even a doubt about. The key is to not allow the next administration to be sucked into the void of corporations. I cannot imagine the next administration of Obama et al even nearing the corruption of the current liars so there is that to look forward to.

We must put their feet to the flames at all times. Ever vigilant!