Saturday, July 19, 2008

Check Out Comedian & Political Activist Steve Hofstetter

I received an email from comedian and political activist Steve Hofstetter asking me to post his video below encouraging young people to remember 2004's heartbreak and vote this year. I've sampled another of Hofstetter's videos and he's damn funny. If you want a good laugh I suggest clicking here and listening to his video about the lies and politics of drug abuse.

The video below however is a sober reminder about the stakes of this election. Politicians disappoint and let us down. Our ultimate salvation resides with truth tellers such as Hofstetter who utilize their talents to promote awareness and combat apathy.

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thepoetryman said...

Hofstetter seems to be making the rounds on the blogosphere. I posted the routine on politics and drug abuse directly following your post.

Thank you for letting me (us) know about him and his comedic styling.