Saturday, May 03, 2008

Just A YouTube Post

I admit it. I have writers block. Even as I've been talking with people about the presidential campaign, phone banking for Obama and debating with friends/colleagues/acquaintances about policy, I just can't structure my thoughts in recent days. Suffice to say I am infuriated at the sensationalized coverage of Reverend Wright and how the media hype has dwarfed the more important issues pertaining to our foreign policy and economy.

Personally, I'm rather burned out by this campaign and it's only May. So much at stake. Our country is in trouble. The times could not be more serious. From my vantage point America is an empire in decline. Our education system is in decline. Our infrastructure is decaying. America's for profit health care system is making us sicker. Republican nominee John McCain is promoting a health plan that would reward employers for dropping their coverage. McCain's so called tax credit for people to buy insurance can't begin to keep up with the rising costs. Our military is overextended as we occupy not one but two nations with a back door draft. The world is poised to run out of fresh water because of global warming. And the campaign continues to become more vapid by the hour.

So, given the vapid discourse I thought I would post this humorous YouTube video entitled "The Empire Strikes Back" from an Obama supporter. It won't readdress the imbalance of the media coverage questioning Obama's "values." Nor will it raise the level of debate about the issues I referenced above. One could fairly argue that I'm just feeding the beast of superficiality by posting it. But for the time being it will make me feel better. And for now that's enough. I'll have more substantive essays and interview posts in the days ahead.

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