Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Welcome To The Endgame

Below, is a video courtesy of MSNBC, of Obama's victory speech in North Carolina this evening. As of this writing, Indiana remains too close to call. Obama needs to win over sixty percent of the votes remaining in Lake County, Indiana which is a tall order. But not impossible. However, viscerally it feels like the endgame of the Obama/Clinton contest has finally arrived. As for Obama's speech this evening, I find it interesting how he channeled John Edwards with his references to valuing work over wealth. Indeed, there were numerous populist anecdotes. Overall the tone is of a candidate looking to unify the party for the general election.


Anonymous said...

Well, it is inspiring, and I think this speech can be given in many countries. I will work on that one for my future speeches :D

Ambivalent_Maybe said...

I was less impressed by Obama last week than I was at the beginning of this long campaign, but listening to that speech--which was not even one of his better ones--I'm struck again by his sincerity and decency. He has tried, I think, to change American politics by eschewing the usual petty tactics and rhetorical tropes from his campaign, even as his opponents have pummeled him with the usual pseudo-scandals. This has earned him opprobrium from the pundits of the mainstream media (and occasionally from me, in my more cynical moods), but Obama has stuck with it. He is already leading by example. There is a combination of grand vision and personal modesty about him that recalls an older, pre-spin type of political rhetoric. I'm confident he will beat McCain. Whether or not he, or rather we, will be successful in changing American politics is less certain. But it sure will be nice to try.

thepoetryman said...

That was a fine assessment. I agree he has shown grace and wisdom. Wisdom to feel what the people want and to grace to remain true to himself.