Monday, April 14, 2008

Wisdom From Maryscott O'Connor

There has been a lot of silliness from Clinton and Obama supporters alike as we approach the Pennsylvania primary on April 22nd. One of my all time favorite bloggers and an Obama supporter like me, Maryscott O'Connor of My Left Wing, essentially spoke for me with her most recent post:
"It's a daunting task, bringing people out of their cushy soundbite bubbles -- but if we are ever to truly affect any meaningful changes, it will have to be done. And I respectfully suggest that neither bombastic rhetoric of the impending apocalyptic doom we face nor gentle, hopeful platitudes about the power of positive thinking will do the trick. Obama is not the new Messiah of the Left; neither is Clinton the anti-Christ of Conservative Centrism. Obama will not solve all our woes, nor will Clinton catapult us into a deeper abyss. Obama has my support and preference, but I have no illusions about him. He's not going to be the President of My Dreams. But Clinton wouldn't be the President of My Nightmares, either... that role has already been filled by the nutsack currently ensconced in the White House."
Click here to read the rest of Maryscott's trenchant post. On a personal note I was delighted to read Maryscott today. She's absorbed more than her share of personal adversity the past couple years. Most recently Maryscott was inactive on My Left Wing due to her mother's health problems and the passing of an uncle. Her voice and insights are much needed this presidential campaign. Welcome back Maryscott!

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