Saturday, April 05, 2008

The CIA Wants Me?

So are any of you receiving spam recruitment email from the CIA? Apparently, I am. Below is an email I received from the CIA on April 2nd. That includes the picture you see to the left of happy cool people. Has the CIA become so desperate that they're reduced to sending spam emails just like Viagra? Or maybe they're hoping to influence us crazy left wing bloggers by recruiting someone on the inside? Most likely they're just pathetically incompetent. Osama Bin Laden continues to elude them so they try recruiting anti-war bloggers like me with spam email?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom, my email address "has been verified to receive online promotions and offers from one of our affiliates." Let's see which one of these sneaky affiliates could they be? Recently my cousin had a baby and I ordered flowers online. Could 1-800-Flowers be an affiliate of the CIA? Anyway, read they're lovely email to me below and have a laugh.

Our mission depends on different views. Because nothing in the world is the same.
At the Central Intelligence Agency, diversity is our strength, and a mission imperative in an ever-changing world. Find out the difference you can make for the nation in one of a wide variety of career opportunities, such as:

* Analytical Positions
* National Clandestine Service
* Language Positions
* Professional Positions
* Scientists, Engineers & Technology

The Truth About CIA Opportunities
Some people believe that choosing a career with the CIA means they'll never see their friends and family again. Or, that they'll never make it through our stringent security clearance process unless their background is stellar. Though some of our roles do require a great deal of tact and confidentiality, these myths do not reflect what life is truly like at the CIA. The fact is, we offer a wide range of opportunities that make an important contribution to the security of our nation - from Administrative roles, to Science and Technology, to information Analysis, to Languages, to Clandestine. So, you can participate in any number of professional areas and know that you're making a difference for America.

Diversity at the CIA
On the international stage, the CIA is the eyes and ears of America and, at times, its hidden hand. Collecting intelligence that matters. Providing relevant, timely and objective analysis. Preempting threats or achieving United States policy objectives at the direction of the President through covert means. All of these activities require a workforce that reflects the talent, values and demographics of our nation - the most diverse nation on the planet. It is through the contributions of the individual expertise, dedication, perspectives and cultures of all of our professionals that we are empowered to achieve our mission objectives. Your unique qualities can become one of our most valuable assets to ensure the national security of the United States and protect our American life and ideals.

The Agency's inclusive environment challenges every member of our work force to possess and maintain the highest level of personal and professional integrity; to work effectively with others as part of a team; to be innovative and take calculated risks; to adapt to an ever-changing environment; to take responsibility and be personally accountable for all that they do; and to continuously seek to improve themselves. So, while you're working with smart, focused people from all types of backgrounds, you are expected to expand your mind. Look deeper. Understand more. And realize your unlimited potential.

You can make your individuality work for you by joining the Central Intelligence Agency, in an environment that enables you to perform your best work on a united team committed to meeting today's and tomorrow's Intelligence challenges.

Learn more about our opportunities, or apply online. Please visit us at and click on the CIA Careers link.

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