Sunday, March 02, 2008

Is This What We're Fighting For?

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Iraqi counterpart Jalal Talabani together in Baghdad, today. Americans are fighting, suffering post traumatic stress disorder, permanent injuries, dying and killing innocent civilians to help establish an Islamic Shiite fundamentalist axis in the Gulf. Likely Republican nominee John McCain promises more of the same. Hillary Clinton enabled President Bush and John McCain to pursue this strategic calamity out of sheer political expediency. Yet Clinton has the temerity to suggest she has superior credentials to be commander and chief? Both Clinton and McCain represent more of the same. It's time for a change. Enough said.


Ajaz Haque said...

I agree 100%.

Thomas said...

Hillary did NOT enable Presnut Bush, he had the whole congress and the people who he lied to
(have you forgiven John Kerry for his pro war vote yet...)
then WHY not Hillary

slag said...

I would be more willing to forgive Hillary for her pro-authorization vote if she didn't just straight out dis Obama's 2002 anti-war speech yesterday. The gloves are now off as far as I'm concerned.

upinVermont said...

Hillary DID enable Bush.

At the time of Hillary's vote, there were numerous voices giving the lie to Bush's claims. There were even dissenters within the intelligence community who were forcefully and eloquently contradicting Bush, Cheney and the neocons.

To claim or believe that Hillary and the other members of Congress couldn't have known better, all because Bush was such a convincing liar, is sheer rubbish. He wasn't, isn't and never will be a convincing liar.

What politically enabled the war was a combination of a Republican Particracy (yes, it is a word) and Democratic cowardice and expediency. I don't know which party behaved the more poorly. On the Democratic side, at least, there were a few members who had the integrity to oppose the war.

No Vermonter among the House or Senate voted for the war, by the way.

christian_left said...

McCain is who we really have to fear on this change vs. no change thing. He is frightfully committed to maintaining the Bush administration's disastrous course in the Middle East. Either of the Democrats would be much, much better, though both (as they have made clear through various statements during the campaign) would also be imperfect.

I'm still undecided between Obama and Clinton. I was going to switch my registration to Republican (for the first time in my life) just so I could vote for Huckabee and stir things up against McCain. But now that looks like a no-go. So I'm back on the fence again.

You're probably right about foreign policy: Obama would be better. Perhaps you would say a lot better, I would say just a little better. But better.

It's on domestic issues where Obama really drives me crazy. If he would just move away from his centrist economic advisors, I think he could define himself as a reasonably good progressive on trade, social security, health care, etc. Not that Clinton is too great either--though she would be better than her husband, I'm pretty sure, whose policies were synonymous with everything we decry about the corporate turn of the Democratic party. It's just that we need someone who will stand up for working class folks in the disastrous economic situation into which we are plunging. I never thought I would come to say that a Clinton would be more trustworthy on kitchen table economic issues, but there you have it. At least there is a clear road map to how Obama could win the votes of those of us in Pa. who are concerned about the economy. If Obama has the courage to do it, then he can win Pa. and end all the crazy mess that might otherwise ensue.

Anonymous said...

I am Turkish and definitely we feel the consequences of invasion. Iran came out as a power, all governments around Iran have to show their loyalty to islam to stay in power. I can not believe it, I thought we have gone too far on those issues, yet here we are with a pro-islam government that wants to lift turban ban from universities, even from public services. since when did turban become a symbol of personal freedom? I am a democrat, but not a fool. that is not freedom, us did not bring freedom to this region. i think we will get more trouble by what you leave here, not what you bring.