Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Will Gore Run?

Former Vice President Al Gore has been quite visible since the release of his latest book, The Assault On Reason. Speculation is rampant that he will join the fray and become a candidate for president in 2008. As readers of this blog know, I am an admirer of Gore's and consider him superior to all the other declared candidates. However, when I listen to the interviews from his latest publicity tour I don't hear a candidate. The snippet from YouTube below with Charlie Rose, reinforces my impression that Gore doesn't have the fire in the belly anymore. Perhaps he's cleverly positioning himself as a modern day Cincinnatus. More likely he's utilizing speculation about a potential candidacy to sell books and promote the causes he cares about.

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Ambivalent_Maybe said...

I agree--he won't run, and it's a shame. Strange, before the campaigns started I was saying things like 'gosh, the Dems have good candidates by the handful.' I guess I still agree with that to some extent, but perhaps my least favorite--Hillary--is way out in front, and my favorites--Edwards and Obama--seem to be getting nowhere fast. So, I find myself hoping that someone new enters to shake things up. Anything that decreases the chances of another Clinton running for president.