Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Does Selwyn Raab Think of Rudolph Giuliani?

An office colleague I frequently debate politics with is a friend of Selwyn Raab. Raab, a former New York Times reporter is known for his expertise on organized crime. Last year, Thomas Dunne published Raab’s book, Five Families: The Rise, Decline and Resurgence of America’s Most Powerful Mafia Empires. In 1994, Raab co-authored Mob Lawyer: Including the inside Account of Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa and JFK (Scribner) with Frank Ragano.

Raab is not fond of former New York City Mayor and current Republican presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani. How fortunate that today Raab had lunch with my colleague and gave permission for me to share his two pithy observations about “America’s Mayor”:

1) “Those who know him best like him least.”

2) “He approved of marriage so much he did it three times.”
I would love to pick Raab's brain and learn everything he knows about Giuliani.

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thepoetryman said...

That would be a brain picking I'd like to read about but not witness. No telling what nasty sludge would be revealed in the process.