Thursday, December 28, 2006

President Ford Revealed Opposition To Iraq War In July 2004

Bob Woodward reported in today’s Washington Post (CLICK HERE) that President Ford revealed his opposition to the Iraq War during a July 2004 interview. According to the article, Woodward’s interview with Ford was “embargoed” until after his death. Yesterday I was charitable to President Ford in describing his legacy as mixed and I stand by that. Nevertheless, Woodward’s article makes me feel less kindly to President Ford’s memory. An ex Republican President critical of key former members of this administration such as Cheney and Rumsfeld was too important to be kept a secret. Ford had an obligation to make his opposition public just as former Secretary of State Collin Powell should have in 2003. Perhaps it might have impacted the 2004 presidential election and saved some lives. Ford is supposedly a symbolic figure of a bygone era when love of country mattered more than allegiance to one’s political party. I can’t help but wonder if Ford’s opposition would have remained “embargoed” if a Democrat were in the White House.


Anonymous said...

Yes...because we all know that Woodward is a Republican shill.

Ron Southern said...

You may be right. Ford was an old man who just didn't want to take the heat for those opinions, I guess. It's what's wrong with Always being either a Republican or always a Democrat. Personal ethics slip past us, even if we're famous.