Saturday, December 09, 2006

Jay Lassiter Interviews New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne

Jay Lassiter of Lassiter Space and a frontpager at Blue New Jersey just scored an interview with New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne. Payne is next in line to chair the subcommittee on Africa and Human Rights in the new Democratic Congress.

Lassiter writes,
"For the millions of people in the Darfur region of Sudan, Congressman Payne's chairmanship can't come soon enough. As you know, all hell is broken loose in Darfur. It's a full-blown genocide, a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. Donald Payne promises to make the genocide in Darfur a top priority. He has some bold ideas to end the dying as well as the smarts (and the foreign policy chops) to address the Darfur issue head on. And pretty soon, he'll (hopefully) have the clout as well. So check out the interview and see for yourself why Congressman Payne is our last best hope to break the current cycle of genocide."
Click Here to read Jay's brilliant and important interview. Jay you've done the progressive blogging community proud. Thank you.

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