Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gallows Humor In the Lefty Blogosphere

I must share this piece of gallows humor here in the Lefty blogosphere. Last night I did a short post about Senator Tim Johnson's hospitalization and the potential repercussions. At the time it it didn't occur to me crossposting was necessary because Johnson's health and the political aftershocks are being diligently monitored everywhere. I noticed however there was no mention of Senator Tim Johnson's condition on My Left Wing and felt I had a community duty to post a diary about it over there.

A member of My Left Wing named "Puzzled" posted the following comment on that thread:

"An Open Letter
to Ted Kennedy: "Step Away From The Cheeseburger!"

Ted, you look like a heart attack waiting to happen, and with our razor-thin majority in the Senate hanging in the balance, we can't afford to have Mitt Romney in the position of replacing you if, God forbid, something happens. So get your blubbery ass to the Capitol gym--my tax dollars are paying for it, the least you could do is make use of the place."
A bit crass perhaps but I appreciate the sentiment. It would be just our luck for Senator Kennedy to suffer a fatal malady prior to Massachusetts Governor Romney leaving office. Seriously, Senator Kennedy if by some chance you're compelled to sit in front of a computer, Google yourself and stumble upon my blog I beseech you to live healthy. I've always respected your legislative accomplishments. Particulary on issues such as healthcare and job training. You were also one of the few Democrats with enough spine to stand up to Bush in 2002. Your health is important to our nation's health. So learn to eat tofu and hit the treadmill!

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