Monday, June 04, 2007

Democrats & Healthcare

If you missed the Democrat's presidential debate on CNN last night and are wondering what was said about healthcare, refer to the 2:13 video clip below from YouTube. Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama and Dennis Kucinich had an interesting exchange. I don't think much of Kucinich as a candidate but agree with him wholeheartedly about this issue.

At least Democrats are competing with each other over who has the best ideas for reforming healthcare. Republicans can't even mention the issue without fear mongering about "socialized medicine." Mitt Romney's most important achievement while Governor of Massachusetts was mandating healthcare for everyone in his state. Yet when reading about healthcare on his website, Romney's campaign doesn't even mention what he did. Is Romney ashamed of his own record?


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Kucinich isn't much of a candidate but he is absolutely right on this issue. Taking the profit motive out of healthcare services is the first step, and it will do a lot to make sure everyone is covered.

Charles D said...

I find it absolutely sickening that the so-called leading candidates for the nomination of the opposition part that claims to be the political home of workers, minorities, labor and the poor cannot put the physical and mental health of their "natural" constituency above the greed of pharmaceutical and insurance industries for obscene profits.

Let's face it - unless we have a 2008 Presidential race between Kucinich and Ron Paul, the nation is doomed.

Anonymous said...

This is a no brainer