Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Vietnam Vet Rants About the Walter Reed Scandal

Bob Higgins is one of my favorite people. A former marine and Vietnam veteran, Bob is a terrific blogger who combines poignancy with irreverence. Today, Bob delivered a beautiful heartfelt rant about the scandal at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on his Worldwide Sawdust community blog. In typical Bob Higgins style, the post is titled, "Walter Reed, Who Expected More From A Government On the Take?"

My favorite passage is this one:

"When I watched Cheney (who avoided the draft with five deferments during the Vietnam war) addressing this issue yesterday I felt the urge to vomit. Cheney assured his audience that he, with the help of his smirking little sidekick and the rest of the hapless gang that gave us Iraq would fix the problem.

Bullshit. (there I go again) They caused the problem. They are the problem."
As someone who has relied on the care and treatment of veterans hospitals, Bob's experience is worth paying attention to. I urge everyone to read his poweful post.

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