Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye For Now

My apologies for going so long without a post or update of any kind. I am awed and overwhelmed by the emails asking of my whereabouts and well being. No I have not disappeared from the face of the Earth. Rather, even we bloggers are people with lives beyond the virtual world of the Internet. Personal and professional demands have simply inhibited my ability to maintain the high standards and dedication I gave to this blog from November 2005 to the first few months of 2009.

It was always my intention to return with commentary and podcast interviews and so I never provided any sort of update. I always assumed I would get around to it. But the weeks and months passed and the personal demands on my attention have only intensified. Also, merely keeping this site fresh with shallow “micro blogging” Twitter style posts has never interested me. Plenty of that exists on the Internet with or without me.

I dedicated nearly four years of my life to this blog and done my best to provide substantive analysis as well as present readers/listeners with compelling insights from thinkers in over thirty podcast interviews. I am proud of the body of work this site represents and will keep it up for as long as blogger allows. However, I am disabling the comments function because I am unable to monitor them consistently and at this point, most comments are attempts at Spam anyway. I still intend to resume blogging once outside concerns lessen.

Frankly, I am burnt out and disenchanted with our political discourse. I deeply despair that America is sliding into an abyss of banality when maturity and seriousness of purpose is most required during this era of calamity. This banality is pervasive on the right, left and everything in between. Responding for example to all of President Obama’s knee jerk apologists and gratuitous critics requires more time, energy and patience than I currently possess.

I will remain an activist on behalf of causes, issues and policies I believe in even as I take a respite from blogging. One can make a difference in this world without twittering about every thought they have. I encourage any and all to remain activists and think globally by acting locally.

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