Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dick Cheney's Fifth Column

Towards the end of his recent interview with NPR, veteran journalist Seymour Hersch accused former Vice President Cheney of leaving loyalists behind in the national security bureaucracy to "sabotage" the Obama administration. Hersch is a determined reporter who has cultivated informed sources for decades. One suspects these moles are reporting back to Cheney so he can protect himself from legal jeopardy for his crimes. I would also not put it past Cheney and his minions to attempt to produce an intelligence debacle or terrorist attack just to embarrass the Obama administration and later say "at least we kept the people safe after 9/11." If Hersch's allegations are proven correct then Cheney and his loyalists within the government should be prosecuted as traitors. As it is, Cheney should have been prosecuted for war crimes years ago.

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