Monday, November 03, 2008

Memo To My Fellow New Yorkers

One of my blogging regrets this election season is I haven't posted more about local politics in my home state . While New York is a reliable blue state and safely in Obama's column, my fellow progressive New Yorkers should remember two things about tomorrow.
  • 1. Control of the state senate is at stake. For the first time in decades, Democrats have an opporunity to control the entire state government. It terms of public policy this means the imbalance in funding for New York City schools may be addressed. For too long public education in New York City has been underserved and underfunded. There are also national implications with the state senate because of the 2010 census. Two years from now the state electoral district map will be redrawn. Obviously the party in power controls how that map is redrawn. I am not an advocate for "gerrymandering." However, as state senator Liz Krueger pointed out to me in a podcast interview last year, simply drawing the map fairly will benefit Democrats in the House of Representatives and help secure a progressive majority in Congress.

  • 2. Liberal New Yorkers should also remember that our state allows for fusion tickets. A candidate may be on the Democratic Party ballot as well as the Family Workers Party ballot. That happens to be true of Barack Obama who will appear on both ballots tomorrow. I therefore urge my fellow New Yorkers to pull the Family Workers Party lever tomorrow. For example, that is how I will cast my vote for Barack Obama. Every vote this party receives strengthens their leverage to fight on behalf of wage earners in Albany. It is important that the Albany power brokers both respect and fear the Family Workers Party so they can be more effective advocates on our behalf. So when you go inside the voting booth tomorrow, be sure to confirm that your candidate is on both the Democratic Party and Family Workers Party ballot and please vote accordingly.


Simeon said...

And yet Michael Bloomberg has been campaigning for Seraphin Maltese, the incumbent Republican State Senator from Maspeth, who actually has a serious challenge from the dubious but Democratic Joe Addabo (whom the Clintons are supporting). A good question would why does Bloomberg, the single biggest contributor to the NYS Republican Party, want the upstate Republicans to remain in control of the Senate? Sure, he and Sheldon Silver are arch-political rivals, but you'd think the idea of all the leaders in Albany being from NYC would be something NYC's Mayor would want...

thepoetryman said...

Our efforts have paid off! This is one of the greater defining moments in US history!

Thank you, Robert!