Monday, February 04, 2008

The Wrath of Booman

In my opinion, the most prolific and incisive blogger among the progressive netroots is Booman, the proprietor of Booman Tribune. Booman's analysis, wit and prose are far superior than Markos Moulistas of Daily Kos.

In a brief post earlier today, Booman unleashed his rhetorical wrath at the Clintons for push polling:

"I'm still waiting to read a story about Obama, or Edwards, or Dodd, or Biden, or Richardson, or Kucinich, or Gravel doing goddamn push-polling. I keep reading about the Clintons push-polling, but they seem to be the only ones on the Democratic side that do it. It's only one of many reasons the Clintons disgust me and I will never cast a vote ever again for either one of them for any office."

He's not alone. For what it's worth, I likely would vote for Senator Clinton if she's nominated because she'll have to appoint some progressives in her administration. But I'll be holding my nose at the vile stench.

I urge my fellow New Yorkers to vote for Senator Obama tomorrow. Hopefully, Senator Obama can achieve something resembling delegate parity in New York while prevailing in California. At stake is the Democratic Party's soul and an opportunity for our republic to end the pro-war corporatist plutocracy's reign of indecency.

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upinVermont said...

It doesn't surprise me that New Yorkers went with Clinton. She must get almost *all* of her votes from the metropolitan areas. I can't imagine up-upstate New Yorkers liking Hillary very much.

It surprises me more that Obama didn't win California.

I lean toward Obama, but the one thing that worries me about him is his potential naivety concerning the Republicans, their think tanks, their institutes and their 527's.

They will eviscerate him. He gives the impression that he'll make us all one big happy family, but the idea that the Republicans/Conservatives are simply going to walk away from the hundreds of millions of dollars they have poured into think tanks and institutes, all for the explicit purpose of gutting liberals and the "Democrat Party" is at worst, sheer stupidity..

I'm not in a mood for bipartisanship. I'm mad as hell at what the conservatives have done to this country.

Krugman pointed out in his latest book that this is just the beginning of the fight for Liberals and it's not clear to me that Obama really gets it. If he wins the primary, he might just get a tanker-sized swift boat right up his ass, compliments of a right wing 527.