Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Demand Serious Change

I received an important email today from J-Ro at The Seminal, a group blog that,
"presents an independent media viewpoint outside of partisan politics and corporate control. Hailing from all over the globe, our writers bring you thoughtful commentary on current events."
They've organized a national protest movement against the ongoing war in Iraq. As J-RO put it to me,
"Our blog has started a national protest movement against the Iraq war called Serious Change . Serious Change is about reclaiming the symbols of power for progressives and for the anti-war movement. We protest in professional attire to communicate that we are intelligent, we are organized, and we are seriously dissatisfied with our country’s direction. We demand Serious Change."
You can read more about it by clicking here. One of the cities they will be marching in is New York. Information on where and when to meet can be found by clicking here. Even if you can't make it yourselves, please publicize this information on your own blogs to help recruit as many people as possible.

Simply put, we're killing people we shouldn't be killing. And we're losing people we shouldn't be losing. The time has long past for Serious Change. Blogging is wonderful and the "netroots" have accomplished things. However, we will not end this war from our keyboards. Stopping a war requires marching feet and leather lungs.

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Ambivalent_Maybe said...

A good idea. Allow me to plug a somewhat similar effort of a friend of mine to encourage people to express their opposition to the war as they travel to work each day:

The website is rather minimal at this point, but a sign for download is available:

"March to Work"

"Marching to work relies on the power of regularity rather than volume. Carrying a sign at the same time, along the same route, and meeting the same people on multiple days, marchers try to change the daily experience of the people who walk past them."