Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thank You Chris Dodd

I've been a member of Daily Kos for nineteen months. Over that period I've become disenchanted with the site's direction and highly mistrust the motives of Markos Moulistas. They're many terrific members of the Daily Kos community and I appreciate the platform they provide for progressive bloggers such as myself. Unfortunately, Markos and the front pagers are more consumed with "winning" under the Democratic Party's label than the cause of real reform. Furthermore, I resent the banning of My Left Wing's Maryscott O'Connor and others for daring to point out the site's flaws. Hence, my misgivings about Daily Kos.

Putting those feelings aside, I highly appreciate the spirited defense of Senator Chris Dodd against Bill O'Reilly's smear tactics. O'Reilly has been waging a fanatical campaign of lies and distortion against Daily Kos and the progressive blogosphere as a whole.

The mere fact that five Democratic presidential candidates, including the "establishment" front runner Hillary Clinton are attending Yearly Kos illustrates the growing power of the netroots. It wasn't so long ago the Democratic Party's establishment treated us progressive bloggers as step children. How wonderful that the vile and corporatist Democratic Leadership Council is currently in the wilderness while progressive bloggers are courted.

So when Bill O'Reilly attempts to "swift boat" Daily Kos, he's also attacking each of us among the progressive netroots who want to prevent Christian corporatists from causing more damage and shame for our country. O'Reilly and his kind represent the dark underbelly of America's reactionary subculture that feeds off hate, homophobia, xenophobia and exploits fear for self-aggrandizement. They're a waste of skin with the blood of children who go without health insurance, soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as non-combatants who have been killed or tortured on their hands.

Thank you Chris Dodd for putting Bill O'Reilly in his place. It's regrettable the mainstream media doesn't consider thoughtful candidates such as yourself as belonging to the "first tier." Now please watch this inspirational clip from YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Yes, wasn't it lovely?

Anonymous said...

Dodd has been really impressive lately. He especially impressed me at yesterday's Yearly Kos debate. I think he's one to watch, and as his message gets more refined his candidacy might pick up steam. I'm not sure I'm ready to vote for him, but I like what he's been saying.